Professional Headshots

Appointments are easily scheduled online or over the phone! Our studio allows various different looks, including with real nature backgrounds!

For businesses, we offer the option to bring our professional portable studio to your location. We will speak with you and plan this ahead. We try to identify a suitable location for the shoot where we can set up. We also plan such that your day is disrupted minimally! Individuals and groups have the option to choose outdoor professional headshot photography which all our clients adore. Not ideal for the gloomy winter months of course but Spring is around the corner. Please feel free to watch our short video for a quick glimpse into the outdoor professional headshot experience with a short slideshow of the final images at the end!

“Shoshana is an experienced professional and produced exceptional end-products for our clinic. The experience was fun and all our staff, over 30 medical professionals, were engaged. Having visited our clinic before the session and planned it, the photo session ended up being very efficient and did not disrupt our day. The images were not only standing out individually, but they were also very cohesive. Our passion for the work we do came out in our team photos. We highly recommend Shoshana.” – Dr. Michael Siegel, MD, FACS

“Shoshana has the talent to authentically portray a professional’s true self. She wanted to learn about me, and the message I wanted to send in my headshot. She came up with the idea to do my professional headshot session in DC during the cherry blossom season and I fell in love with the end product. It was different, artistic and reflected my inner emotional life all at the same time!” Dr. Lori Sen, Dr. of Musical Arts, Singer and Researcher

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