My name is Şoşana (“Shoshana”) Kohen Çikurel. My passion is to capture and tell the stories of my wonderful and romantic couples from all around the world, in the Washington DC metro area.

My Story

By heart, I am a storyteller, working behind my lenses. I started by photographing people I met during my travels and capturing their unique stories. I continued by capturing the priceless moments of our first daughter, and that is when I decided I wanted to become a professional photographer. Her first steps, her joy while throwing leaves up at the park, and more. Every time I looked at the images, I relived the moment, felt the same emotions; a priceless experience. My passion in photography transitioned into my profession.

Why weddings and engagement photography? 

I live and breathe weddings and engagements as they offer the opportunity to witness and capture deep emotion! I am constantly experimenting with how I portray emotions (in other words, tell your stories) with my images. Without passion, a photographer cannot succeed in wedding and engagements. 

I practice photojournalistic wedding photography with a touch of traditional wedding photography to provide couples with a good balance of images of candid moments that unfold throughout the day, and traditional posed images couples generally like to have with their families and friends.

Photojournalistic wedding photography requires skill and experience, as the photographer needs to constantly adjust camera settings, compose and frame images throughout the day as your wedding story unfolds. 

If you like my style, my photography work, and are looking for someone you can fully trust to capture your wedding or engagement, please do  reach out! 

– Shoshana 

Selfie Moment

So what is your next step? Just call me or email me and tell me about your project! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

Email: Shoshana@momentsbyshoshana.com

Call: +1 (202) 517-3267

Stay Connected!

Connecting with real people and getting to know about their unique stories is the most fulfilling aspect of my profession. Please do find me online and say hello!