My name is Şoşana (“Shoshana”). My passion is to capture and tell the unique stories of people from all around the world, in the Washington DC metro area.

My Story

By heart, I am a storyteller, working behind my lenses. I started by photographing people I met during my travels and capturing their unique stories. I continued by capturing the priceless moments of our first daughter, and that is when I decided I wanted to become a professional photographer. Her first steps, her joy while throwing leaves up at the park, and more. Every time I looked at the images, I relived the moment, felt the same emotions; a priceless experience. Photography became a passion, then a profession.

I always knew that trading commodities was not a good fit for me, and always dreamt of a profession which would allow me to use my creativity and artistic traits. Then came about an opportunity for my husband to continue his investment career in Washington DC. I immediately saw this as my golden chance to turn my lifelong passion in photography into a profession, and we decided to go through with the move. Life does not throw many of those opportunities at us, and I am lucky enough to have seen this one! As soon as we got settled in Bethesda, MD, I started my professional training in photography, working with some of the best photographers in the Washington Metro Area, including Adam Lowe, Donald Becker, Duane Heaton, and John Reef. I was lucky to have the best mentors one can hope for.

My passion is to capture your stories, your moments, so that you may cherish them for years and relive these priceless moments. I focus on saying as many words as possible with the images I capture. In my images, the real-life moments transform into something more than reality. I focus on the use of natural light, preferring natural images.

Today I am proud to be a member of The Knot and the Wedding Wire, the number one trusted authority on all things weddings. As part of The Knot and Wedding Wire’s network of professionals, I provide wedding photography services and consultation on wedding photography to prospective couples.

Wedding photography comes with a huge responsibility: capturing the essence and story of your wedding on the first attempt. Hiring a photographer who truly understands every aspect of the wedding and assigns the same importance as you do to the critical details is important.

I always tell my clients they should work with someone who they can trust, and share with them my own experience in hiring a photographer for my own wedding.

Ironically, my personal experience with my wedding photographer was terrible. After two months of waiting for the albums and the images from our magical wedding day in 2011, I and my husband received over 2,000 images on five discs, not even a single one touched up in Photoshop or Lightroom. (I am lucky to be in this profession, as I can select and edit the images myself, and build my own wedding albums, but I would not want any couple to go through what I went through with my wedding photographer).

So please do not be shy, reach out! And I would be more than happy to guide you on selecting the best photographer for you, whether it is for your wedding, engagement, or family reunion. Even if that photographer is not me!

– Shoshana

So what is your next step? Just call me or email me and tell me about your project! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

Email: Shoshana@momentsbyshoshana.com

Call: +1 (202) 517-3267

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Connecting with real people and getting to know about their unique stories is the most fulfilling aspect of my profession. Please do find me online and say hello!