Wedding and Engagement Photography

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“There aren’t enough kind words to describe the photo journalist and videography team, Moments by Shoshana. As a planner, I am always thrilled to meet professionals who share a common goal – to please the bride and groom from start to finish. In this wedding business, I’ve come across professionals who show up and leave. Yes, they are hired to do the job but it’s the extra mile of attentiveness, sacrifice, creativity, kindness, and professionalism that make the wedding day even more special. I met Shoshana at the wedding rehearsal. She wanted to be fully prepared by capturing the lighting and understanding the Catholic church protocol for where best to stand to capture photos. Shoshana knew that as creatives and artists, their job was to snap and capture love and laughter, moments that most brides and grooms don’t see or commonly forget, but in a discreet manner. Shoshana stayed well over the contracted time because as was said to me throughout this glorious day, “it’s one shot, it’s their wedding.” I will be recommending Moments by Shoshana to every bride and groom I meet. You are in good hands. The whole process was wonderful with them and I am so glad my Bride and Groom entrusted them to capture their day (because the pictures and video were phenomenal).”

Indya Gordon, Professional Wedding Planner

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Getting Ready for Your Big Day

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We let you be you, and capture your story…

We are photographic storytellers and our passion is to witness and capture the unique stories of our romantic subjects in an artistic manner.

At Moments by Shoshana, we believe that as a couple, you deserve professional photographers who truly understand every aspect of the wedding and assign the same importance as you do to all the critical details.  Professionals you can trust and comfortably rely on to document your day to the fullest with all the attention to detail required.  From your wedding invitations to your wedding cake, the wedding dress, the engagement, the bridesmaids and the wedding venue, planning a wedding can be overwhelming for couples. We enjoy helping our couples’ by generously offering our time and sharing our expertise. We will design the perfect photography service for you.     

We are emotionally invested in our profession, and our couples are our inspiration. We will artistically capture your candid moments with our photo-journalistic style, giving you epic images of your day, and also document the stories.

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Your wedding ceremony

Selecting the right wedding professional is a time consuming, and for some couples frustrating process. There are endless photographers, portfolios and over time it all becomes a blur. Then there are massive websites with endless blogs about weddings and wedding planning that end up confusing couples even more. That’s exactly why we prepared our short and sweet guide: 9 ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!

This guide will make it so much easier for couples to select the professional who is right for them. It should not take long to read through, and will equip you with some essential tools. Please simply sign up at the bottom of the page to receive your guide in an email!

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Your wedding reception


We proudly serve members of the LGBTQIA+ community in the Washington Metro Area.

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We are understanding and flexible with regards to couples’ concerns around the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. We follow all rules and requirements, maintain proper social distances throughout the sessions and respect couples’ wishes. We are more than happy to address any questions around how we operate during these unprecedented times.

So what is your next step? Just call me or email me and I will gladly speak with you about your day! 


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